Russian word of the day: Драка

Mar 04, 2019

How to say 

"Fight" in Russian



Noun , feminine

Plural - дра́ки

scuffle, fight


  • Спор чуть не дошёл до дра́ки.

    spor chut' nye da-shyól da drá-kee

    The dispute almost turned into a fight.

  • Ме́жду игрока́ми завяза́лась дра́ка.

    myézh-du eeg-ra-ká-mee za-vee-zá-las' drá-ka

    A fight started between the players.

Related words and phrases

угоща́ться [u-ga-schá-tsa] Verb
to treat oneself, to help oneself
издева́ться [eez-dye-vát'-sya] Verb
to jeer, to scoff, to mock, to bully, to taunt
я́беда [yá-bee-da] Noun , masculine or feminine
snitch, sneak, informer
подру́га [pa-drú-ga] Noun
(girl / female) friend
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