Russian word of the day: Дорога

Jul 31, 2018

How to say 

"Road" in Russian



Noun , feminine

Plural - доро́ги

road, way; trip, journey


  • Доро́га домо́й заняла́ у меня́ полчаса́.

    da-ró-ga da-móî za-nee-lá u mee-nyá pol-chi-sá

    The journey home took me half an hour.

  • Не перебега́й доро́гу на кра́сный!

    nye pye-rye-bee-gáî da-ró-gu na krás-nyî

    Do not run across the road at the red light!

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Related words and phrases

остано́вка [as-ta-nóf-ka] Noun , feminine
(bus, taxi, etc.) stop
велосипе́д [vee-la-see-pyéd] Noun , masculine
bicycle, bike
маршру́тка [marsh-rút-ka] Noun , feminine , comes from "маршру́тное такси́"
fixed-route taxi (minibus)
самолёт [sa-ma-lyót] Noun , masculine
plane, aircraft

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