Russian word of the day: Домосед

Jan 15, 2019

How to say 

"Homebody" in Russian



Noun , masculine , feminine - "домоседка"

Plural - домосе́ды

homebody, stay-at-home, homester


  • Он тот ещё домосе́д, выхо́дит из до́ма то́лько за проду́ктами.

    on tot ye-schó da-ma-syét, vy-hó-deet eez-dó-ma tól'-ka za pra-dúk-ta-mee

    He is such a homebody, leaves the house only to do the groceries.

  • Мой па́рень лю́бит путеше́ствовать, а я домосе́дка.

    moî pá-reen' lyú-beet pu-tee-shést-va-vat', a ya da-ma-syét-ka

    My boyfriend loves to travel, but I am a homebody.

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Same stem words

дом [dom] Noun
house, home

Related words and phrases

безде́льник [beez-dyél'-neek] Noun
idler, loafer, lazybones, good-for-nothing
пла́кса [plák-sa] Noun , masculine or feminine
я́беда [yá-bee-da] Noun , masculine or feminine
snitch, sneak, informer
молоде́ц [ma-la-dyéts] Noun , masculine and feminine
attaboy!, attagirl!; well done!

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