Russian word of the day: Дом

Nov 19, 2018

How to say 

"House / Home" in Russian



Noun , masculine

Plural - дома́

house, home


  • Она́ о́чень скуча́ет по до́му.

    a-ná ó-cheen' sku-chá-eet pa dó-mu

    She misses her home very much.

  • Они́ купи́ли дом на краю́ го́рода.

    a-née ku-pée-lee dom na kra-yú gó-ra-da

    They bought a house on the edge of town.

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Same stem words

домосе́д [da-ma-syét] Noun , feminine - "домоседка"
homebody, stay-at-home, homester
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Related words and phrases

кварти́ра [kvartéera] Noun , plural - кварти́ры
apartment, flat
дверь [dvyer'] Noun
подъе́зд [pad-yézd] Noun
entrance to the building, porch, staircase
сосе́д [sa-syét] Noun , feminine - "сосеʓдка"
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