Russian word of the day: Добавка

Apr 07, 2019



Noun , feminine

Plural - доба́вки

addition, additive, supplement


  • Э́то натура́льный проду́кт без иску́сственных доба́вок.

    é-ta na-tu-rál'-nyî pra-dúkt byez ees-kust-veen-nyh da-bá-vak

    This is a natural product without artificial additives.

  • Обе́д был таки́м вку́сным, что все попроси́ли доба́вки.

    a-byét byl ta-kéem fkús-nym, chto fsye pa-pra-sée-lee da-báf-kee

    The lunch was so delicious that everyone asked for more.

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Same stem words

приба́вить [pree-bá-veet'] Verb , perfective
to add, to increase
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Related words and phrases

сала́т [sa-lát] Noun , masculine
ря́женка [ryá-zhen-ka] Noun , feminine
ryazhenka (fermented baked milk)
бутербро́д [bu-teer-brót] Noun , masculine
sandwich, bread with something on top
щи [schee] Noun , plural
cabbage soup, sauerkraut soup

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