Russian word of the day: Дети

Mar 31, 2019

How to say 

"Children" in Russian



Noun , plural , singular - дитя́ (rarely used), ребёнок

children, kids


  • У вас есть де́ти?

    u vas yest' dyé-tee

    Do you have children?

  • Э́та кни́га для дете́й.

    é-ta knée-ga dlya dee-tyéî

    This book is for kids.

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но́вый [nó-vyî] Adjective
брать [brat'] Verb
to take
сложи́ть [sla-zhéet'] Verb
to add up, to sum up; to fold; to pack, to stack up; to put together
опа́здывать [a-páz-dy-vat'] Verb
to be late, to be overdue

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