Russian word of the day: Давно

Nov 03, 2018




a long time ago


  • Я там давно́ не была́.

    ya tam dav-nó nye by-la

    I have not been there for a long time.

  • Ты давно́ после́дний раз маши́ну мыл?

    ty dav-nó pas-lyéd-neeî raz ma-shée-nu myl

    When was the last time you washed your car? (Lit.: Was it a long time ago you washed your car last time?)

Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "давно".

  • Их ме́тоды рабо́ты давно́ устаре́ли.

    eeh myé-ta-dy ra-bó-ty dav-nó us-ta-ryé-lee

    Their methods of work have long been outdated.

  • Здра́вствуй, Ната́ша, давно́ не ви́делись!

    zdrá-stvúî, Na-tá-sha, dav-nó nye vée-dee-lees'

    Hello, Natasha, long time no see!

  • Андре́я с рабо́ты уво́лили. - Так ему́ и на́до, давно́ пора́ бы́ло!

    and-ryé-ya s ra-bó-ty u-vó-lee-lee. - tak ye-mú ee ná-da, dav-nó pa-ra bý-la!

    Andrei got fired from his job. - He deserves it, should have done it long ago!

  • Полы́ давно́ пора́ пропылесо́сить.

    pa-lý dav-nó pa-rá pra-py-lee-só-seet'

    It's high time to vacuum the floors.

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Related words and phrases

тому́ наза́д [ta-mú na-zát] Phrase
по́здно [pózd-na] Adverb
про́шлое [prósh-la-ye] Noun , neuter
ны́нче [nýn-che] Adjective , variation - "ны́не"
today, nowadays

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