Russian phrase of the day: Дать сдачи

Dec 08, 2018

дать сда́чи

dat' sdá-chee


to hit / to strike back


  • Е́сли тебя́ уда́рили, дай сда́чи.

    yés-lee tee-byá u-dá-ree-lee, daî sdá-chee

    If somebody hit you, hit back.

  • Получи́в таку́ю пощёчину, любо́й из нас захо́чет дать сда́чи.

    pa-lú-cheef ta-kú-yu pa-schyó-chee-nu, lyu-bóî eez nas za-hó-cheet dat' sdá-chee

    Having received such a slap in the face, any of us would want to hit back.

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Related words and phrases

назло́ [naz-ló] Adverb
out of spite
посту́пок [pas-tú-pak] Noun , masculine , plural - посту́пки
act, deed, action
мири́ться [mee-rée-tsa] Verb , imperfective
to make it up, to make peace, to become reconciled; to accept, to bear with
дру́жба [drúzhba] Noun , feminine

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