Russian word of the day: Даром

Sep 15, 2018




for nothing, free (of charge); in vain, to no purpose


  • Кому́ ну́жен то́стер? Отда́м да́ром.

    ka-mú nú-zhen tós-tyer? at-dám dá-ram

    Who needs a toaster? I'm giving it away.

  • Тебе́ э́то да́ром не пройдёт!

    tee-byé é-ta dá-ram nye praî-dyót!

    You won't get away with it!

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Same stem words

пода́рок [pa-dá-rak] Noun , plural - пода́рки
gift, present
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Related words and phrases

успева́ть [us-pee-vát'] Verb
to have time to do something, to manage to do something
отраже́ние [at-ra-zhé-nee-ye] Noun
вы́играть [vý-eeg-rat'] Verb
to win
ску́чный [skuch-nýî] Adjective
boring, dull

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