Russian word of the day: Далеко

Oct 26, 2018




far away, a long way off


  • Не уходи́ далеко́, мы ско́ро отправля́емся.

    nye u-ha-dée-da-lee-kó, my skó-ra at-prav-lýa-eem-sya

    Don't go too far, we are leaving soon.

  • Э́то далеко́ отсю́да?

    é-ta da-lee-kó at-syú-da

    It is far from here?

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Related words and phrases

знако́мый [zna-kó-myi] Adjective , plural - знако́мые
known, familiar; acquaintance, friend
ошиба́ться [a-shee-bá-tsa] Verb , imperfective
to be mistaken, to make mistakes
звать [zvat'] Verb , imperfective
to call
смотре́ть [smatryét'] Verb , imperfective
to look, to watch

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