Russian word of the day: Коллега

Jan 01, 2020

How to say 

"Colleague" in Russian



Noun , masculine or feminine

Plural - колле́ги

colleague, coworker


  • У нас с колле́гами хоро́шие отноше́ния.

    u nas s kal-lyé-ga-mee ha-ró-shee-ye at-na-shé-nee-ya

    My colleagues and I have a good relationship.

  • Колле́га подвёз меня́ до до́ма.

    kal-lyé-ga pad-vyós mee-nyá da dó-ma

    A colleague gave me a ride to home.


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Related words and phrases

сотру́дник [sat-rúd-neek] Noun , feminine - "сотру́дница"
employee, official; colleague
уво́лить [u-vó-leet'] Verb
to discharge, to dismiss, to fire
подсиде́ть [pad-see-dyét'] Verb
to scheme / intrigue against (usually to take one's position)
увольне́ние [u-val'-nyé-nee-ye] Noun
discharge, release, dismissal
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