Russian word of the day: Читать

Jun 16, 2018

How to say 

"To read" in Russian



Verb , imperfective

Perfective - прочита́ть

to read


  • Что ты чита́ешь?

    chto ty chee-tá-eesh

    What are you reading?

  • Я могу́ чита́ть по-ру́сски, но говори́ть мне сло́жно.

    ya ma-gú chee-tát' pa-rús-kee, no ga-va-réet' mnye slózh-na

    I can read in Russian, but it's difficult for me to talk.

Related words and phrases

сон [son] Noun
dream (when sleeping), sleep
глу́пость [glú-past'] Noun
stupidity, stupid action or thing, folly, foolishness, nonsense
иностра́нный [ee-na-strán-nyî] Adjective
мечта́ [meech-tá] Noun
dream, daydream, reverie
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