Russian word of the day: Быть

Dec 16, 2017

How to say 

"To be" in Russian



Verb , imperfective

to be


  • Где́ ты был?

    gdye ty byl

    Where have you been?

  • Бу́дешь ко́фе? - Нет, не бу́ду.

    bú-deesh kó-fye? - nyet, nye bú-du

    Will you have coffee? - No, I will not.


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Related words and phrases

да [da] Particle , can be also an interjection with the meaning "and" or "but"
yes; sometimes used to amplify what was said (without "yes" meaning)
мно́го [mnó-ga] Adverb
many, much, a lot, plenty
суме́ть [su-myét'] Verb
to be able, to manage, to succeed
есть [yest'] Verb
to eat
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