Russian phrase of the day: Отнюдь не

Sep 04, 2019

отню́дь не

at-nyút' nye


by no means, not at all


  • Во́дка отню́дь не изобрете́ние ру́сских, а пришла́ к нам с восто́ка.

    vót-ka at-nyút' nye ee-za-bree-tyé-nee-ye rús-keeh, a preesh-lá k nam s vas-tó-ka

    Vodka is not at all an invention of the Russians, but it has come to us from the east.

  • Я отню́дь не утвержда́ю, что кни́га плоха́я, напро́тив, её сто́ит почита́ть.

    ya at-nyút' nye ut-veerzh-dá-yu, chto knée-ga pla-há-ya, na-pró-teef, ye-yó stó-eet pa-chee-tát'

    I do not say at all that the book is bad, on the contrary, it is worth reading.


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слыть [slyt'] Verb
to have the reputation for, to be said / reputed / known
замахну́ться [za-mah-nú-tsa] Verb
to make to hit, to lift one's arm (against); to prepare for something difficult
зано́за [za-nó-za] Noun
splinter; (about a person) pain in the neck, nag
преодолева́ть [pree-a-da-lee-vát'] Verb
to overcome, to overpass, to surmount, to get over
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