Russian word of the day: Будущее

Jun 19, 2018

How to say 

"Future" in Russian



Noun , neuter



  • У нас больши́е пла́ны на бу́дущее.

    u nas bal'-shee-ye plá-ny na bú-du schye-ye

    We have big plans for the future.

  • В бу́дущем лю́ди несомне́нно бу́дут жить до́льше.

    v bú-du-schyem lyú-dee nee-sam-nyén-na bú-dut zheet' dól'-she

    In the future, people will no doubt live longer.

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Related words and phrases

молодо́й [ma-la-dóî] Adjective
кста́ти [kstá-tee] Adverb
by the way; to the point (or purpose), appositely
сон [son] Noun , masculine
dream (when sleeping), sleep
уходи́ть [u-ha-déet'] Verb , imperfective
to walk away, to leave

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