Russian word of the day: Бровь

Jul 07, 2017



Noun , feminine , plural - бро́ви



  • Она́ нахму́рила бро́ви, обду́мывая ска́занное.

    a-na nah-mú-ree-la bró-vee ab-dú-my-va-ya ská-zan-no-ye

    She frowned pondering what was said.

  • Все оберну́лись на него́, но он и бро́вью не повёл.

    fvsye a-beer-nú-lees' na nee-vó, no on ee bróv'-yu nye pa-vyól

    Everyone turned to him, but he didn't even blink (din't move his eyebrow).

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Related words and phrases

плечо́ [plee-chó] Noun , neuter , plural - "пле́чи"
shoulder, upper arm
заты́лок [za-tý-lak] Noun , masculine
back of the head
язы́к [ya-zýk] Noun , masculine
tongue, language
нога́ [na-gá] Noun , feminine
leg, foot

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