Russian word of the day: Брать

Apr 06, 2019



Verb , imperfective

Perfective - взять

to take


  • Она́ берёт уро́ки фортепиа́но.

    a-ná bee-ryót u-ró-kee far-tep'-ya-na

    She takes piano lessons.

  • Никака́я просту́да его́ не берёт.

    nee-ka-ká-ya pras-tú-da ye-vó nye bee-ryót

    No cold can get him. (He doesn't get sick.)

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Related words and phrases

гуля́ть [gu-lyát'] Verb , imperfective
to go for a walk, to walk, to stroll, to be outside
чита́ть [chee-tát'] Verb , imperfective
to read
сказа́ть [ska-zát'] Verb , perfective
to say, to tell
де́ти [dyé-tee] Noun , plural , singular - дитя́ (rarely used), ребёнок
children, kids

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