Russian word of the day: Брак

Oct 20, 2018



Noun , masculine

marriage; flaw, defect, defective articles / goods


  • Вы состои́те в бра́ке?

    vy sas-ta-ée-tye v brá-kye

    Are you married?

  • Това́ры на э́том прила́вке уценены́ и́з-за произво́дственного бра́ка.

    ta-vá-ry na é-tam pree-láf-kye u-tse-nye-ný eez-za pra-eez-vódst-veen-na-va brá-ka

    The goods on this counter are discounted because of the spoilage in production.

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Related words and phrases

проспа́ть [pra-spat'] Verb , perfective
to sleep (for some time); to oversleep, to miss (by sleeping)
шу́тка [shút-ka] Noun , feminine
пригоди́ться [pree-ga-dée-tsa] Verb , perfective
prove useful, come in handy, be of use
получа́ться [pa-lu-chá-tsa] Verb , imperfective
to result, to turn out, to arrive

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