Russian word of the day: Босиком

Aug 06, 2018

How to say 

"Barefoot" in Russian






  • Я люблю́ ходи́ть босико́м по траве́.

    ya lyub-lyú ha-déet' ba-see-kóm pa tra-vyé

    I like walking barefoot on the grass.

  • Но́вые ту́фли натёрли ей но́гу и обра́тно она́ шла босико́м.

    nó-vy-ye túf-lee na-tyór-lee yeî nó-gu ee ob-rát-na a-ná shla ba-see-kóm

    The new shoes have rubbed sore her foot and on the way back she walked barefoot.

Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "босиком".

  • Идти́ босико́м бы́ло щеко́тно.

    eet-tée ba-see-kóm bý-la schee-kót-na

    Going barefoot was tickling.

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безобра́зие [bee-za-brá-zee-ye] Noun
outrage, mess, something bad
причёска [pree-chyós-ka] Noun
hairstyle, hairdo, haircut
тарато́рить [ta-ra-tó-reet'] Verb
to talk very fast, to gabble
торопи́ться [ta-ra-pée-tsa] Verb
to hurry, to be in a hurry, to hasten

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