Russian word of the day: Болтун

Sep 23, 2018



Noun , masculine , feminine - "болту́нья"

Plural - болтуны́

talker, chatterer, gasbag, windbag, chatterbox


  • Болту́н - нахо́дка для шпио́на!

    bal-tún - na-hót-ka dlya shpee-ó-na

    Chatterer is a godsend for a spy! (line from a Soviet poster)

  • Ну ты и болту́н!

    nu ty ee bal-tún

    You are such a windbag!

Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "болт".

  • Смотри́ не сболтни́ ли́шнее.

    smat-rée nye sbalt-née léesh-nye-ye

    Make sure you don't say too much (what you are not supposed to).

  • Не болта́й глу́постей!

    nye bal-táî glú-pas-tyeî

    You are talking nonsense! (Do not talk nonsense!)

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Related words and phrases

домосе́д [da-ma-syét] Noun , masculine , feminine - "домоседка"
homebody, stay-at-home, homester
жа́дина [zhá-dee-na] Noun
greedy person
копу́ша [ka-pú-sha] Noun , masculine or feminine
slowpoke, dawdler
я́беда [yá-bee-da] Noun , masculine or feminine
snitch, sneak, informer

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