Russian phrase of the day: Болеть за

Oct 10, 2018

боле́ть за

ba-lyét' za


to root for, to be a fan of


  • Ты за кого́ боле́ешь?

    ty za ka-vó ba-lyé-eesh

    Who are you rooting for?

  • Мы боле́ем за на́шу кома́нду.

    my ba-lyé-eem za ná-shu ka-mán-du

    We support our team (We root for our teem).

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Related words and phrases

так тебе́ и на́до [tak tee-byé ee ná-da] Phrase
you asked for it!, it serves you right!
не пода́ть ви́ду [nye pa-dát' vée-du] Phrase
to hide one's state or emotions
на са́мом де́ле [na sá-mam dyé-lye] Phrase
as a matter of fact, in fact, actually, in reality
ма́ло ли [má-la lee] Phrase
expresses uncertainty (~who knows?)

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