Russian word of the day: Боль

Nov 30, 2018



Noun , feminine

Plural - бо́ли

pain, ache


  • Она́ почу́вствовала о́струю боль внизу́ живота́.

    a-ná pa-chúst-va-va-la óst-ru-yu bol' vnee-zú zhee-va-tá

    She felt a sharp pain in the abdomen.

  • В его́ го́лосе слы́шалась боль.

    v ye-vó gó-la-sye slý-sha-las' bol'

    There was pain in his voice. (We could hear pain in his voice.)

Same stem words

боле́льщик [ba-lyél'-scheek] Noun , masculine , feminine - боле́льщица
fan, supporter
заболе́ть [za-ba-lyét'] Verb , perfective
to get sick; to start hurting/aching
боле́ть [ba-lyét'] Verb , imperfective
to be sick / ill; to hurt, to ache
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Related words and phrases

просту́да [pras-tú-da] Noun , feminine
cold, chill
тошни́ть [tash-néet'] Verb , imperfective , used only in 3d person with the Genitive (меня/тебя/его тошнит)
to be/to feel sick/nauseated/nauseous
температу́ра [teem-pee-ra-tú-ra] Noun , feminine
temperature; fever
зарази́ться [za-ra-zée-tsa] Verb , perfective
to catch an illness, to become infected

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