Russian phrase of the day: Бой курантов

Jan 01, 2018

бой кура́нтов

boî ku-rán-taf


bell rings


  • Ру́сские лю́ди привы́кли встреча́ть но́вый год под бой кура́нтов.

    rús-kee-ye lyú-dee pree-výk-lee fstree-chát' nó-vyî got pad boî ku-rán-taf

    Russian people are used to welcome the new year under the strikes of the (Kremlin) bells.

  • Он появи́лся на свет под бой кремлёвских кура́нтов.

    on pa-ya-véel-sya na svyet pad boî kreem-lyófs-keeh ku-rán-taf

    He was born under the strikes of the Kremlin bells.

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Happy upcoming New Year! (lit. - with upcoming!)
дед Mоро́з [dyed ma-róz] Phrase
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но́вый год [nó-vyî got] Phrase
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фейерве́рк [fye-yer-vyérk] Noun , masculine

2 thoughts on “Бой курантов

  1. What is the grammatical construction? I think it would be really helpful to provide case explanation – I can’t figure out the construction. Thanks!

    • Learn Russian Daily says:

      Hello Karen,

      Thank you for your question.

      “Бой курантов” literally means “the beating of chiming clock”. “Куранты” is the Kremlin clock.

      Both these words are nouns. “Бой” is in the singular Nominative form, and “курантов” is in the plural Genitive form.

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