Russian word of the day: Близко

Jan 25, 2019




not far, near, close by


  • Э́то бли́зко, мину́т де́сять пешко́м.

    é-ta bléez-ka, mee-nút dyé-syat' peesh-kóm

    It's close, about ten minutes on foot.

  • Он живёт бли́зко отсю́да.

    on zhee-vyót bléez-ka at-syú-da

    He lives close to here.

Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "близк".

  • В Росси́и при́нято целова́ться при встре́че то́лько с бли́зкими друзья́ми и чле́нами семьи́.

    v ras-sée-ee prée-nya-ta tse-la-vá-tsa pree fstryé-chye tól'-ka c bléez-kee-mee druz'-yá-mee ee chlyé-na-mee seem'-ee

    In Russia, it is customary to kiss only when meeting close friends and family members.

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Related words and phrases

далеко́ [da-lee-kó] Adverb
far away, a long way off
руко́й пода́ть [ru-kóî pa-dát'] Phrase
it's close, it's no distance, ~ it is a stone's throw

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