Russian word of the day: Безвкусный

Nov 23, 2018

How to say 

"Tasteless" in Russian






  • Пиро́г получи́лся безвку́сным.

    pee-rók pa-lu-chéel-sya bees-fkús-nym

    The cake turned out to be tasteless.

  • Кака́я безвку́сная пи́цца, как бу́дто рези́ну жуёшь.

    ka-ká-ya bees-fkús-na-ya pée-tsa, kak bút-ta ree-zée-nu zhu-yósh'

    What a tasteless pizza, it's like chewing rubber.

Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "безвкусн".

  • Еда́ в э́том кафе́ пре́сная и безвку́сная.

    ye-dá v é-tam ka-fé pryés-na-ya ee beez-vkús-na-ya

    The food in this cafe is not salty and tasteless.

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Same stem words

вкусня́тина [fkus-nyá-tee-na] Noun
it's delicious, yummy, tasty
вку́сный [fkús-nyi] Adjective
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Related words and phrases

пре́сный [pryés-nyi] Adjective
fresh, sweet (water); unsalted, tasteless (food)
ки́слый [kées-lyi] Adjective
жи́рный [zhéer-nyi] Adjective
fat, oily, greasy
о́стрый [óst-ryi] Adjective
sharp; spicy, hot
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