Russian word of the day: Безобразие

Jan 22, 2019



Noun , neuter

Plural - безобра́зия

outrage, mess, something bad


  • Что за безобра́зие вы здесь устро́или?!

    chto za bee-za-brá-zee-ye vy zdyes' ust-ró-ee-lee

    What the hell did you do here?!

  • А ну прекрати́те э́то безобра́зие!

    a nu preek-ra-tée-tye é-ta bee-za-brá-zee-ye!

    Stop this chaos immediately!

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Related words and phrases

понаро́шку [pa-na-rósh-ku] Adverb , variation - "понаро́шке"
for fun, pretending, in pretence
враспло́х [vrasp-lóh] Adverb
unawares, unexpectedly, by surprise
прозева́ть [pra-zee-vát'] Verb , perfective
to yawn (throughout); to miss an opportunity
поступа́ться [pas-tu-pá-tsa] Verb , imperfective
to renounce, to give up, to forgo, to waive

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