Russian word of the day: Бежать

Jul 17, 2018

How to say 

"Run" in Russian



Verb , imperfective , unidirectional

to run, to be running


  • Он бежа́л от правосу́дия за грани́цу.

    on bee-zhal at pra-va-sú-dee-ya za gra-née-tsu

    He fled from justice abroad.

  • Как бы́стро бежит вре́мя!

    kak býst-ra bee-zhéet vryé-mya

    Time flies (runs) so fast!

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Related words and phrases

идти [eed-tée] Noun
to go, to walk
таска́ть [tas-kat'] Verb
to carry, to drug, to pull; to wear
лете́ть [lee-tyét'] Verb
to fly
е́хать [yé-hat'] Verb
to drive, to ride, to go (by vehicle)

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