Russian word of the day: Бегать

Jan 15, 2018

How to say 

"To run" in Russian



Verb , imperfective

Perfective - сбе́гать, побе́гать

to run


  • По у́трам я бе́гаю.

    pa ut-rám ya byé-ga-yu

    I run in the mornings.

  • Де́ти бе́гали наперегонки́.

    dyé-tee byé-ga-lee na pye-rye-gan-kée

    The children were chasing each other.

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Related words and phrases

тащи́ть [ta-schéet'] Verb
to drag, to lug, to pull, to carry
е́здить [yéz-deet'] Verb
to go (by vehicle), to drive, to ride
таска́ть [tas-kat'] Verb
to carry, to drug, to pull; to wear
е́хать [yé-hat'] Verb
to drive, to ride, to go (by vehicle)
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Learn Russian Step by Step

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