Russian word of the day: Бедняга

May 28, 2018



Noun , masculine or feminine

poor fellow, poor thing


  • Бедня́га потеря́л все де́ньги и докуме́нты.

    beed-nyá-ga pa-tee-ryál fsye dyén'-gee ee da-ku-myén-ty

    The poor man lost all his money and documents.

  • Мне бы́ло жаль бедня́гу.

    mnye bý-la zhal' beed-nyá-gu

    I felt for the poor thing.

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Related words and phrases

я́беда [yá-bee-da] Noun , masculine or feminine
snitch, sneak, informer
зану́да [za-nú-da] Noun , masculine or feminine
bore, pain in the neck
грязну́ля [greez-nú-lya] Noun , masculine or feminine
dirty one
уша́стый [u-shás-tyi] Noun

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