Russian word of the day: Красивый

Oct 11, 2018

How to say 

"Beautiful" in Russian




beautiful, handsome, good-looking


  • Краси́вой оса́нки мо́жно доби́ться регуля́рными упражне́ниями.

    kra-sée-vaî a-sán-kee mózh-na da-bée-tsa ree-gu-lyár-ny-mee up-razh-nyé-nee-ya-me

    Beautiful posture can be achieved by regular exercises.

  • У него́ краси́вый го́лос.

    u nee-vó kra-sée-vyî gó-las

    He has a beautiful voice.

Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "красив".

  • Силова́я трениро́вка необходи́ма для созда́ния краси́вого и си́льного те́ла.

    see-la-vá-ya trye-nee-róf-ka nee-ap-ha-dée-ma dlya saz-dá-nee-ya kra-sée-va-va ee séel'-na-va tyé-la

    Strength training is necessary to create a beautiful and strong body.

Useful information

How to say "you are beautiful" in Russian

To say "you are beautiful" in Russian, you can use one of the following options:

- Ты краси́вая. ty kra-sée-va-ya
- You are beautiful. (for a woman)

- Ты така́я краси́вая. ty ta-ká-ya kra-sée-va-ya
- You are so beautiful. (for a woman)

- Ты краси́вый. ty kra-sée-vyî
- You are beautiful. (for a man)

- Ты тако́й краси́вый. ty ta-kóî kra-sée-vyî
- You are so beautiful. (for a man)

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Same stem words

красне́ть [kras-nyét'] Verb
to blush, to flush, to redden
накра́ситься [na-krá-see-tsa] Verb
to make up one's face
кра́сный [krás-nyi] Adjective
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Related words and phrases

мир [meer] Noun
world; peace
ви́деть [vée-deet'] Verb
to see
запо́мнить [za-póm-neet'] Verb
to memorize, to remember
занима́ться [za-nee-má-tsa] Verb
to be busy with, to deal, to practice, to be engaged/involved, to study
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