Russian word of the day: Багаж

Jan 23, 2019

How to say 

"Luggage" in Russian



Noun , masculine



  • Как мно́го у вас багажа́!

    kak mnó-ga u vas ba-ga-zhá

    How much luggage you have!

  • Где ваш бага́ж?

    gdye vash ba-gásh

    Where is your luggage?

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Related words and phrases

рейс [ryéîs] Noun , masculine
flight, trip, cruise, voyage
по́езд [pó-eest] Noun , masculine , plural - поезда́
зал ожида́ния [zal a-zhee-dá-nee-ya] Phrase
waiting room/space
заброни́ровать [za-bra-née-ra-vat'] Verb , perfective
to book, to reserve

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