Russian word of the day: Допотопный

May 29, 2019

How to say 

"Antediluvian" in Russian




antediluvian, outdated, old-fashioned, ancient


  • На столе́ стоя́ла допото́пная печа́тная маши́нка.

    na sta-lyé sta-yá-la da-pa-tóp-na-ya pee-chát-na-ya ma-shéen-ka

    An antediluvian typewriter was standing on the table.

  • Он всё вре́мя носи́л допото́пного ви́да пиджа́к.

    on fsyo vryé-mya na-séel da-pa-tóp-na-va vée-da peed-zhák

    He was always wearing an old-fashioned jacket.

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замахну́ться [za-mah-nú-tsa] Verb
to make to hit, to lift one's arm (against); to prepare for something difficult
блиста́тельный [blees-tá-teel'-nyi] Adjective
brilliant, splendid, magnificent
остепени́ться [as-tee-pee-née-tsa] Verb
to settle / steady down, to become staid / respectable, to sober down
сожра́ть [sazh-rát'] Verb
to gobble up, to eat greedily
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