Russian word of the day: Рассеянный

Nov 28, 2019




absent-minded, scattered; dissipated; dispersed; diffused


  • Како́й же ты рассе́янный!

    ka-kóî zhe ty ras-syé-yan-nyî

    How scattered you are!

  • Он бро́сил на неё рассе́янный взгляд.

    on bró-seel na nee-yó ras-syé-yan-nyî vzglyat

    He cast a distracted look at her.


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Related words and phrases

до́брый [dób-ryî] Adjective
kind, good
ще́дрый [schyéd-ryî] Adjective
generous, open-handed
уве́ренность [u-vyé-reen-nast'] Noun
confidence, certitude, assurance
угрю́мый [ug-ryú-myî] Adjective
sullen, morose, gloomy, sulky, uncheerful, moody
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