Sport and fitness Russian vocabulary

Learn sport and fitness Russian vocabulary with the words and phrases from our series “Russian Word of the Day“. Every word comes with an audio and two examples.

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плыть [plyt'] Verb , imperfective
to swim, to float, to sail
растя́жка [ras-tyásh-ka] Noun , feminine
мы́шца [mýsh-tsa] Noun , feminine , plural - мы́шцы
трениро́вка [tree-nee-róf-ka] Noun , feminine , plural - трениро́вки
training, workout, practice
пла́вать [plá-vat'] Verb , imperfective
приседа́ние [pree-sye-dá-nee-ye] Noun , neuter , plural - приседа́ния
кача́ть пресс [ka-chát' pryes] Phrase
to work the abdomen, to do sit-ups
подтя́гивание [pat-tyá-gee-va-nee-ye] Noun , neuter , plural - подтя́гивания
chin-up, pull-up
отжима́ние [at-zhee-má-nee-ye] Noun , neuter , plural - отжима́ния
push-up, press-up