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Speak like Russian with these words and phrases from our series “Russian Word of the Day“. Every word comes with an audio and two examples.

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по карма́ну [pa kar-má-nu] Phrase
па́дать ду́хом / упа́сть ду́хом [pá-dat' dú-ham / u-pást' dú-ham] Phrase
to despond, to lose courage / heart
так себе́ [tak see-byé] Phrase
кача́ть права́ [ka-chát' pra-vá] Phrase
(slang) persistently demand something referring to one's rights
из рук вон пло́хо [eez ruk von pló-ha] Phrase
quite wretched(ly), bad as bad could be
и и́же с ни́ми [ee ée-zhe s née-mee] Phrase
and of their ilk, and others like them
да́чник [dách-neek] Noun masculine
an urban resident living in the summer at the dacha
как попа́ло [kak pa-pá-la] Phrase
anyhow, at random, haphazard, any which way
так держа́ть [tak deer-zhát'] Phrase
Keep it up! Stick at it!
да́ча [dá-cha] Noun feminine
dacha, summer house, cottage
Неуже́ли [nee-u-zhé-lee] Particle
is it really? (a question, expresses doubt, distrust, surprise)
ну и ну [nu ee nu] Phrase
(expresses surprise, possibly disapproval)
на са́мом де́ле [na sá-mam dyé-lye] Phrase
as a matter of fact, in fact, actually, in reality
сожра́ть [sazh-rát'] Verb perfective
to gobble up, to eat greedily
сам не свой [sam nye svoi] Phrase
not himself, beside himself
так сойдёт [tak sai-dyót] Phrase
that will do, let well alone
уплета́ть [up-lee-tát'] Verb imperfective
to eat greedily, to stuff oneself with (food)
вкусня́тина [fkus-nyá-tee-na] Noun feminine
it's delicious, yummy, tasty
потора́пливаться [pa-ta-ráp-lee-va-tsa] Verb imperfective
to make haste, to hurry
вдре́безги [vdryé-beez-gee] Adverb
into smithereens, to pieces
объеде́ние [ab-yee-dyé-nee-ye] Noun neuter
delicious, out of this world
ух ты [uh ty] Phrase
expresses amazement and surprise
запропасти́ться [za-pra-pas-tée-tsa] Verb perfective
to get lost, to disappear
вот э́то да [vot é-ta da] Phrase
expresses amazement and surprise
понаро́шку [pa-na-rósh-ku]
for fun, pretending, in pretence
ну вот [nu vot] Phrase
expresses disappointment
ещё чего́ [ye-schó chee-vó] Phrase
expresses a sharp disagreement, protest, displeasure with smth.
ну ты даёшь [nu ty da-yósh] Phrase
expresses surprise with someone
вот оно́ что [vot a-nó chto] Phrase
expresses amazement, surprise, admiration
насма́рку [nas-már-ku]
with no positive outcome, ~go down the drain
ны́нче [nýn-che] Adjective
today, nowadays
кста́ти [kstá-tee]
by the way; to the point (or purpose), appositely
вот те на [vot tye na] Phrase
expresses surprise
вот оно́ как [vot a-nó kak] Phrase
expresses surprise or amazement (about just learned facts)
да ну тебя́ [da nu tee-býa] Phrase
expresses annoyance, disappointment, displeasure
ма́ло ли [má-la lee] Phrase
expresses uncertainty (~who knows?)
ну на́до же [nu ná-da zhe] Phrase
~oh, oh dear, my goodness (expresses surprise)