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о́фисный планкто́н [ó-fees-nyî plank-tón] Phrase
office plankton (low motivated office worker)
скача́ть [ska-chát'] Verb , perfective
to download (colloquial)
расша́рить [ras-shá-reet'] Verb , perfective
to share (computer slang)
ска́чивать [ská-chee-vat'] Verb , imperfective
to download (colloquial)
ни фига́ [nee fee-gá] Phrase
completely nothing, not a thing (slang)
блин [bleen] Noun , masculine , plural - блины́
pancake; (slang) damn it!
па́риться [pá-ree-tsa] Verb , imperfective
to take a steam bath, to sweat; (slang) to worry
сдуре́ть [sdu-ryét'] Verb , perfective
to become a fool, to go crazy (slang)
кача́ть права́ [ka-chát' pra-vá] Phrase
(slang) persistently demand something referring to one's rights

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