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ввести́ в обихо́д [vvees-tée v a-bee-hót] Phrase
to implement, to bring into use, to introduce
чи́стой воды́ [chées-taî va-dý] Phrase
(figurative) pure, clear, absolute
за уша́ми треща́ть [za u-sha-mee tree-schát'] Phrase
used to desribe somebody eating greedily (lit. - to crack behind the ears)
сбить с то́лку [sbeet' s tól-ku] Phrase
to confuse, to bewilder, to obfuscate, to mislead, to baffle, to muddle, to wrack one’s brains
во что бы то ни ста́ло [va chto by ta nee stá-la] Phrase
at all cost, at any price, at all hazards
ума́ не приложу́ [u-má nye pree-la-zhú] Phrase
I have no idea
как раз [kak ras] Phrase
just right, exactly
всё равно́ [fsyo rav-nó] Phrase
it's all the same, it doesn't matter, (I) don't care; anyway, still, in any case
то и де́ло [to ee dyé-la] Phrase
every now and then, time and again, every so often
бо́жий одува́нчик [bó-zheeî a-du-ván-cheek] Phrase
(lit. - God's dandelion) about an old, quiet and harmless person (mostly women)
терпе́ть не мочь [teer-pyét' nye moch'] Phrase
can't stand, to hate, to dislike strongly
так уж и быть [tak uzh ee byt'] Phrase
(reluctant) fine, ok, all right
отку́да ни возьми́сь [at-kú-da nee vaz-mées'] Phrase
out of the blue, out of nowhere, out of thin air
да ты что [da ty chto] Phrase
expression of surprise (~ are you serious? really?)
всё путём [fsyo pu-tyóm] Phrase
everything is ok / tip-top
тяп-ляп [tyap-lyap] Phrase
anyhow, in a slipshod way, botched up
как ни крути́ [kak nee kru-tée] Phrase
anyway (lit. - no matter how you turn it)
на одно́м дыха́нии [na ad-nóm dy-há-nee-ee] Phrase
in one breath
почём зря [pa-chyóm zrya] Phrase
~ without rhyme or reason, for nothing
в упо́р [v u-pór] Phrase
face to face, right up to, point-blank
так получи́лось [tak pa-lu-chée-las'] Phrase
it happened this way, it so fell out
ска́жешь то́же [ská-zhesh tó-zhe] Phrase
~ you must be kidding! what are you talking about? not at all!
то́же мне [tó-zhe mnye] Phrase
~ that's not ... (expresses disapproval in relation to something or someone, lit. - also to me)
не ахти́ [nye ah-tée] Phrase
nothing special, so-so
чуть не [chut' nye] Phrase
nearly, almost
кишка́ тонка́ [keesh-ká tan-ká] Phrase
not enough strength, abilities, means (to do something)
так тебе́ и на́до [tak tee-byé ee ná-da] Phrase
you asked for it!, it serves you right!
так де́ло не пойдёт [tak dyé-la nye paî-dyót] Phrase
that won't do; this way we won't go far
отда́ть до́лжное [at-dát' dólzh-na-ye] Phrase
to give/render somebody his due, to pay tribute to
па́льчики обли́жешь [pal'-chee-kee ab-lée-zhesh] Phrase
you'll love it!, it's delicious!

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