Easy Russian words

Easy Russian is a collection of Russian words that sound same as English words and have the same meaning.

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информа́ция [een-far-má-tsee-ya] Noun , feminine
те́ма [tyé-ma] Noun , feminine
theme, topic, subject
трамва́й [tram-váî] Noun , masculine
пробле́ма [prab-lyé-ma] Noun , feminine
problem, issue, trouble
суперма́ркет [su-pyer-már-kyét] Noun , masculine
джи́нсы [dzhéen-sy] Noun , plural
студе́нт [stu-dyént] Noun , masculine , feminine - "студе́нтка"
шо́рты [shór-ty] Noun , plural
сви́тер [svée-ter] Noun , masculine
sweater, pullover, slip-over
маши́на [ma-shée-na] Noun , feminine
секре́т [seek-ryét] Noun , masculine
интернет [een-ter-nét] Noun , masculine
авто́бус [av-tó-bus] Noun , masculine

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