Core Russian words

Core Russian Words is the list of Russian words that can help you find your way in many situations. The list is regularly updated with new words. Follow the updates on Russian Word of the Day.

вре́мя [vryé-mya] Noun , neuter
споко́йной но́чи [spa-kóî-naî nó-chee] Phrase
good night! (lit. - quiet night!, said before going to bed)
приве́т [pree-vyét] Interjection
hello, hi
пожа́луйста [pa-zhá-lus-ta] Particle
please; you're welcome
когда́ [kag-dá] Adverb , or conjunction
быть [byt'] Verb , imperfective
отли́чно [at-léech-na] Adverb
excellent, very good, perfect, great
большо́й [bal'-shóî] Adjective
поня́тно [pa-nyát-na] Adverb
clear, understandable; I see!
дёшево [dyó-she-va] Adverb
спаси́бо [spa-sée-ba] Particle
thanks, thank you
ма́ло [má-la] Adverb
little, not enough, not much
мно́го [mnó-ga] Adverb
many, much, a lot, plenty
до́рого [dó-ra-ga] Adverb
хорошо́ [ha-ra-shó] Adverb
good, well
свобо́дно [sva-bód-na]
vacant, free, freely; loose, loosely
за́нято [zá-nee-ta]
busy, occupied
нра́виться [nrá-vee-tsa] Verb , imperfective
to be liked