Cooking Russian vocabulary

Russian words and phrases related to cooking. Every word comes with two examples and audio recorded by a native Russian speaker.
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туши́ть [tu-shéet'] Verb , imperfective
(about a fire) to put out, to extinguish; (cooking) to braise, to stew
печь [pyech'] Verb , imperfective
to bake
про́тивень [pró-tee-vyen'] Noun , masculine
baking tray
нож [nosh] Noun , masculine
микроволно́вка [meek-ra-val-nóf-ka] Noun , feminine
microwave (oven)
жа́реный [zhá-ree-nyî] Adjective
свари́ть [sva-réet'] Verb , perfective
to cook by boiling
сковорода́ [ska-va-ra-dá] Noun , feminine
frying pan
плита́ [plee-tá] Noun , feminine
stove, cooker
духо́вка [du-hóf-ka] Noun , feminine
кастрю́ля [kast-ryú-lya] Noun , feminine
pan, saucepan, pot, casserole
реце́пт [ree-tsept] Noun , masculine
recipe; prescription
кипято́к [kee-pee-tók] Noun , masculine
boiling water

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