Basic Russian

Learn basic Russian words and phrases with our ‘Russian word of the day‘ series. Every word and phrase comes with a picture, two examples and audio. Available in three languages: English, Spanish and French.

сон [son] Noun masculine
dream, sleep
уста́ть [us-tát'] Verb perfective
to get tired
кани́кулы [ka-née-ku-ly] Noun plural
vacation, holidays, recess
хоте́ться [ha-tyét'-sya] Verb imperfective
to feel like something/doing something
ду́мать [dú-mat'] Verb imperfective
to think
шути́ть [shu-téet'] Verb imperfective
to joke
занима́ться [za-nee-má-tsa] Verb imperfective
to be busy with, to deal, to practice, to be engaged/involved, to study
у́мный [úm-nyi] Adjective
clever, intelligent
купи́ть [ku-péet'] Verb imperfective
to buy, to purchase
опа́здывать [a-páz-dy-vat'] Verb imperfective
to be late, to be overdue
успе́ть [us-pyét'] Verb perfective
to have time, to be in time
захоте́ться [za-ha-tyé-tsa] Verb perfective
to feel like, to crave for
встреча́ться [vstree-chá-tsa] Verb imperfective
to meet, to see, to date (somebody)
прия́тный [pree-yát-nyi] Adjective
pleasant, agreeable, nice
ли́шний [léesh-neei] Adjective
excess, redundant; spare, odd, left over
сади́ться [sa-dée-tsa] Verb imperfective
to sit down
пло́щадь [pló-schat'] Noun feminine
square, area
захоте́ть [za-ha-tyét'] Verb perfective
to want, to feel like; to wish
знако́мый [zna-kó-myi] Adjective
known, familiar; acquaintance, friend
запо́мнить [za-póm-neet'] Verb perfective
to memorize, to remember
необходи́мо [nee-ap-ha-dée-ma]
(it's a) must, needed
иску́сственный [ees-kust-vyen-nyi] Adjective
заня́ться [za-nyá-tsa] Verb perfective
to occupy oneself, to get busy, to engage
уходи́ть [u-ha-déet'] Verb imperfective
to walk away, to leave
выраже́ние [vy-ra-zhé-nee-ye] Noun neuter
обяза́тельно [a-bee-zá-teel'-na]
it is obligatory; without fail, necessarily
познако́миться [pa-zna-kó-mee-tsa] Verb perfective
to get acquainted
глу́пый [glú-pyi] Adjective
foolish, silly, stupid
встава́ть [fstavát']
stand up, get up, rise; be up
смотре́ть [smatryét'] Verb imperfective
to look, to watch
гуля́ть [gu-lyát'] Verb imperfective
to go for a walk, to walk, to stroll, to be outside