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In the category “Authentic Russian” we present you the words that are inextricably linked with the Russian culture and history.

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балала́йка [ba-la-láî-ka] Noun , feminine
balalaika (Russian folk three-stringed musical instrument)
жи́ли-бы́ли [zhée-lee-bý-lee] Phrase
once upon a time (lit.: they lived - they were)
уша́нка [u-shán-ka] Noun , feminine
ear-flaps hat
Ба́ба Яга́ [bá-ba ya-gá] Phrase , feminine
Baba Yaga (Russian fairy tales character)
хоровод [ha-ra-vót] Noun , masculine
khorovod (round dance)
па́риться [pá-ree-tsa] Verb , imperfective
to take a steam bath, to sweat; (slang) to worry
ба́ня [bá-nya] Noun , feminine
bathhouse, Russian sauna
о́тчество [ót-chest-va] Noun , neuter
patronimic (name)
самова́р [sa-ma-vár] Noun , masculine
матрёшка [mat-ryósh-ka] Noun , feminine
Russian doll
ва́ленки [vá-leen-kee] Noun , plural , singular - "ва́ленок"
felt boots
да́чник [dách-neek] Noun , masculine , feminine - "да́чница"
an urban resident living in the summer at the dacha
да́ча [dá-cha] Noun , feminine
dacha, summer house, cottage

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