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Advanced Russian vocabulary from our “Russian Word of the Day” series. Every word comes with a picture, audio and two examples.

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мура́шки [mu-rásh-kee] Noun , plural
преодолева́ть [pree-a-da-lee-vát'] Verb , imperfective
to overcome, to overpass, to surmount, to get over
ито́г [ee-tók] Noun , masculine
result, sum, total
барда́к [bar-dák] Noun , masculine
mess, jumble, clutter
начеку́ [na-chee-kú] Adverb
on the alert, on one's guard, on the look-out
заве́домо [za-vyé-da-ma] Adverb
wittingly, deliberately, knowingly; admittedly, certainly
сногсшиба́тельный [snok-sshee-bá-teel'-nyî] Adjective
stunning, astounding
единоро́г [ye-dee-na-rók] Noun , masculine
люби́тель [lyu-bée-tyel'] Noun , masculine
amateur, dilettante; lover, fan
запреде́льный [za-pree-dyél'-nyî] Adjective
exorbitant, beyond the limits; fantastic, incredible, horrible
раздобы́ть [raz-da-být'] Verb , perfective
to get, to obtain
закругля́ться [za-kru-glyá-tsa] Verb , imperfective
to round off, to curve; (slang) to wrap it up, to call it a day
бди́тельность [bdée-teel'-nast'] Noun , feminine
vigilance, watchfulness
относи́тельно [at-na-sée-teel'-na] Adverb
неизглади́мый [nee-eez-gla-dée-myî] Adjective
indelible, ineffaceable
отню́дь не [at-nyút' nye] Phrase
by no means, not at all
весну́шка [vees-núsh-ka] Noun , feminine
косноязы́чие [kas-na-ee-zý-chee-ye] Noun , neuter
tongue-tie; inability to construct speech properly
ко́рточки [kór-tach-kee] Noun , plural , used only in combinations
position of squatting/crouching
допото́пный [da-pa-tóp-nyî] Adjective
antediluvian, outdated, old-fashioned, ancient
тропи́нка [tra-péen-ka] Noun , feminine
path, trail (usually a narrow trodden one)
тарато́рить [ta-ra-tó-reet'] Verb , imperfective
to talk very fast, to gabble
щеко́тно [schee-kót-na] Adverb
it tickles
ухитри́ться [u-heet-rée-tsa] Verb , perfective
to contrive, to manage
зря [zrya] Adverb
in vain, to no purpose, (all) for nothing
нарасхва́т [na-ras-hvát] Adverb
~ like hot cakes, in great demand
безобра́зие [bee-za-brá-zee-ye] Noun , neuter
outrage, mess, something bad
припоздни́ться [pree-pazd-nee-tsa] Verb , perfective
to be (a bit) late
под ключ [pat klyuch] Phrase
turnkey, fully ready/constructed
поголо́вно [pa-ga-lóv-na] Adverb
all without exception

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