Advanced vocabulary

Advanced Russian vocabulary from our “Russian Word of the Day” series. Every word comes with a picture, audio and two examples.

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шири́нка [shee-réen-ka] Noun feminine
прозева́ть [pra-zee-vát'] Verb perfective
to yawn (throughout); to miss an opportunity
кише́ть [kee-shét'] Verb imperfective
to throng, to teem, to swarm, to crawl with
вре́дничать [vryéd-nee-chat'] Verb imperfective
to act in spite, contrary to somebody's interests or desires
придира́ться [pree-dee-rá-tsa] Verb imperfective
to find fault, to carp, to cavil, to nag, to pick on
потака́ть [pa-ta-kát'] Verb imperfective
to indulge, to cater/to pander, to humour
поступа́ться [pas-tu-pá-tsa] Verb imperfective
to renounce, to give up, to forgo, to waive
опеча́тка [a-pee-chát-ka] Noun feminine
misprint, typo
обрусе́ть [ab-ru-syét'] Verb perfective
become russified / russianized
отстава́ть [at-sta-vát'] Verb imperfective
to lag behind, to be behind
нажива́ться [na-zhee-vá-tsa] Verb imperfective
to make a profit out of somebody's work or loss
копи́лка [ka-péel-ka] Noun feminine
piggy bank, money box
плести́сь [plees-tées'] Verb imperfective
to drag oneself along, to trudge
замахну́ться [za-mah-nú-tsa] Verb perfective
to make to hit, to lift one's arm (against); to prepare for something difficult
вя́нуть [vyá-nut'] Verb imperfective
to wither, to fade
злопа́мятный [zla-pá-myat-nyi] Adjective
vindictive, rancorous, unforgiving
копа́ться [ka-pá-tsa] Verb imperfective
to dig; to probe; to dawdle
блиста́тельный [blees-tá-teel'-nyi] Adjective
brilliant, splendid, magnificent
предвеща́ть [pryed-vee-schát'] Verb imperfective
to forebode, to presage, to betoken, to foreshadow