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Daily email with an exercise

Being a member, you can opt to receive a daily email with the Word of the Day and an exercise.

The exercise consists of two examples that usually come with the Word of the Day. We send them to you without a translation. Your task is to translate them before going to the site and checking online.

You can select in what language you want to receive the exercise. If you are just starting with Russian, it is reasonable to receive them in Russian and practice by translating to English. If you are a more advanced Russian learner, try to complicate the practice: receive the examples in English and translate them to Russian.

Such activity engages your brain in a more profound way than simple reading of examples and will surely help to boost your Russian over time.

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bewilderment, perplexity
romantic, romanticly
to care for, to take care of, to look after
courageous, bold, daring, audacious, brave
to wake somebody up
cloudy, overcast
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