Russian verbs

Learn Russian verbs from our series “Russian Word of the Day“. Every word comes with an image, two examples and audio.

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доста́ть [das-tát'] Verb , perfective
to reach, to touch; to take out; to get; (slang) to bring somebody to a very irritated state
пропылесо́сить [pra-py-lee-só-seet'] Verb , perfective
to vacuum
сговори́ться [sga-va-rée-tsa] Verb , perfective
to agree to do something, to conspire, to plot
зубри́ть [zub-réet'] Verb , imperfective
to cram
кли́кать [klée-kat'] Verb , imperfective
смуща́ться [smu-schá-tsa] Verb , imperfective
to be embarrassed, confused; to experience awkwardness, shyness
оплоша́ть [ap-la-shát'] Verb , perfective
to make a mistake, to fail, to blunder
подари́ть [pa-da-réet'] Verb , perfective
to give, to make a present
отпра́здновать [at-prázd-na-vat'] Verb , perfective
успоко́иться [us-pa-kó-ee-tsa] Verb , perfective
to calm down
заблуди́ться [za-blu-dée-tsa] Verb , perfective
to get lost, to lose one's way, to go astray
сложи́ть [sla-zhéet'] Verb , perfective
to add up, to sum up; to fold; to pack, to stack up; to put together
флиртова́ть [fleer-ta-vát'] Verb , imperfective
крича́ть [kree-chát'] Verb , imperfective
to scream, to shout, to yell
увольня́ть [u-val'-nyát'] Verb , imperfective
to discharge, to dismiss, to fire
жени́ться [zhee-née-tsa] Verb , perfective
to get married
сто́ить [stó-eet'] Verb , imperfective
to cost; to be worth
погла́дить [pa-glá-deet'] Verb , perfective
to pat, to caress; to iron

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