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боле́ть за [ba-lyét' za] Phrase
to root for, to be a fan of
С пра́здником! [s prázd-nee-kam] Phrase
почём зря [pa-chyóm zrya] Phrase
~ without rhyme or reason, for nothing
не за что [nye za chto] Phrase
don't mention it, no problem
в упо́р [v u-pór] Phrase
face to face, right up to, point-blank
будь здоро́в! / бу́дьте здоро́вы! [but' zda-róf / bút'-tye zda-ró-vy] Phrase , for a woman - будь здоро́ва
bless you! (after somebody sneezes, lit. - be healthy!)
на цы́почках [na tsý-pach-kah] Phrase
on tiptoe
встре́чная полоса́ [vstryéch-na-ya pa-la-sá] Phrase
opposite lane
так получи́лось [tak pa-lu-chée-las'] Phrase
it happened this way, it so fell out
как дела́? [kak dee-lá] Phrase
how are you?
прия́тно познако́миться [pree-yát-na paz-na-kó-mee-tsa] Phrase
nice to meet you
ска́жешь то́же [ská-zhesh tó-zhe] Phrase
~ you must be kidding! what are you talking about? not at all!
то́же мне [tó-zhe mnye] Phrase
~ that's not ... [expresses disapproval in relation to something or someone] (lit. - also to me)
до́брое у́тро [dób-ra-ye út-ra] Phrase
good morning
о́фисный планкто́н [ó-fees-nyî plank-tón] Phrase
office plankton (low motivated office worker)
по умолча́нию [pa u-mal-chá-nee-yu] Phrase
удостовере́ние ли́чности [u-das-ta-vee-ryé-nee-ye léech-nas-tee] Phrase
identification card, certificate of identity
ни фига́ [nee fee-gá] Phrase
completely nothing, not a thing (slang)

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