Russian adverbs

Learn Russian adverbs from our series “Russian Word of the Week“. Every word comes with two examples and audio.

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темно́ [teem-nó] Adverb
it is dark; dark
закры́то [za-krý-ta] Adverb
относи́тельно [at-na-sée-teel'-na] Adverb
ра́но [rá-na] Adverb
напра́во [na-prá-va] Adverb
to the right
нале́во [na-lyé-va] Adverb
to the left
прико́льно [pree-kól'-na] Adverb
cool, nice, fun, funny, interesting
щеко́тно [schee-kót-na] Adverb
it tickles
ме́дленно [myéd-leen-na] Adverb
бы́стро [býst-ra] Adverb
fast, quickly, rapidly
стра́нно [strán-na] Adverb
strangely, oddly, curiously, funnily, peculiarly; it is strange, it is weird
интере́сно [een-tee-ryés-na] Adverb
interestingly; it is interesting, I wonder
обы́чно [a-bých-na] Adverb
usually; normally, ordinarily
ре́дко [ryét-ka] Adverb
seldom, rarely; sparsely
зря [zrya] Adverb
in vain, to no purpose, (all) for nothing
нарасхва́т [na-ras-hvát] Adverb
~ like hot cakes, in great demand
бли́зко [bléez-ka] Adverb
not far, near, close by
поголо́вно [pa-ga-lóv-na] Adverb
all without exception
по́здно [pózd-na] Adverb
го́рько [gór'-ka] Adverb
bitterly; the exclamation of the guests at the wedding table calling for the newlyweds to kiss
хо́лодно [hó-lad-na] Adverb
it is cold, coldly
за́втра [záft-ra] Adverb
ско́ро [skó-ra] Adverb
сего́дня [see-vód-nya] Adverb
давно́ [dav-nó] Adverb
a long time ago
жа́рко [zhár-ka] Adverb
hot, it's hot
далеко́ [da-lee-kó] Adverb
far away, a long way off
о́птом [óp-tam] Adverb
wholesale, in bulk
сты́дно [stýd-na] Adverb
it is shameful, it is a shame
вчера́ [fchee-rá] Adverb

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