Russian adverbs

Learn Russian adverbs from our series “Russian Word of the Week“. Every word comes with two examples and audio.

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ма́ло [má-la] Adverb
little, not enough, not much
наизу́сть [na-ee-zúst'] Adverb
мно́го [mnó-ga] Adverb
many, much, a lot, plenty
до́рого [dó-ra-ga] Adverb
хорошо́ [ha-ra-shó] Adverb
good, well
свобо́дно [sva-bód-na] Adverb
vacant, free, freely; loose, loosely
за́нято [zá-nee-ta] Adverb
busy, occupied
вдре́безги [vdryé-beez-gee] Adverb
into smithereens, to pieces
случа́йно [slu-chái-na] Adverb
by chance, accidentaly
наро́чно [naróchna] Adverb