Svoboda - Meaning in Russian

Svoboda in Russian means freedom.

In Russian alphabet it’s written свобо́да.

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свобо́да [sva-bó-da] Noun , feminine
freedom, liberty

Examples of Svoboda in Russian

  • Ему́ предоста́вили по́лную свобо́ду де́йствий.

    ye-mú pree-das-tá-vee-lee pól-nu-yu sva-bó-du dyéîst-veeî

    He was given complete freedom of action.

  • Непра́вильно осуждённый за ограбле́ние сего́дня вы́шел на свобо́ду.

    nee-prá-veel'-na a-suzh-dyón-nyî za ag-rab-lyé-nee-ye see-vód-nya vý-shel na sva-bó-du

    (The man) incorrectly convicted of a robbery was released today.

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