Babushka - Meaning in Russian

Babushka means grandmother in Russian. The word babushka is also used to talk about old ladies in general.

In Russian alphabet it’s written ба́бушка.

Possible variations of babushka:

бабу́ля [ba-bú-lya]

бабу́ся [ba-bú-sya]

An old lady can be also called стару́шка [sta-rúsh-ka], from the word ста́рый (old). In this case it’s just a random old lady and not a grandma.

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Examples of Babushka in Russian

  • У ба́бушки высо́кое давле́ние.

    u bá-bush-kee vy-só-ka-ye dav-lýe-nee-ye

    Grandma has high blood pressure.

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