How to say "Nice" in Russian

Nice is a very handy word that is widely used in English in everyday conversations. Sadly, there is no really direct translation of nice in Russian. Instead, there is a whole range of other words that should be used in different situations.

Let’s look at some examples…

When you like something (so in English you would say nice!):

Nice! / Cool! / Great!



О́чень хорошо́!
[ó-cheen’ ha-ra-shó]
Very nice! / Very good!

When you are nicely surprised with something (wow, nice!):

Ух ты, как здо́рово!
[uh ty, kak zdó-ra-va]
Wow, so nice! / Wow, so cool!

Ого́, класс!
[o-gó, klas]
Wow, nice / awesome!

Ничего́ себе́, как здо́рово!
[nee-chee-vó see-byé, kak zdó-ra-va]
Wow, so nice / awesome!

Вот э́то да, су́пер!
[vot é-ta da, sú-pyer]
Wow, super!

When you want to say that someone is nice:

Она́ о́чень прия́тная в обще́нии.
[a-ná ó-cheen’ pree-yát-na-ya v ab-schyé-nee-ee]
She is very nice.

Э́то о́чень любе́зно с ва́шей стороны́.
[é-ta ó-cheen’ lyu-byéz-na s vá-sheî sta-ra-ný]
It is very nice of you.

Он хорошо́ ко мне отно́сится.
[on ha-ra-shó ka mnye at-nó-see-tsa]
He is very nice to me.

Listen to "Nice" in Russian

The audio recording includes all the examples (in bold and blue) listed above.

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